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Lutron is the premier company for home lighting solutions.  Mogab Electric is a licensed Lutron installer.

With a variety of products and options ranging from a standard dimmer switch to Graphic Eye's to a whole home system like Radio Ra or Homeworks; Mogab electric can fit Lutron into most budgets and manage all of your lighting needs.

Let us design a lighting package to reduce your energy loads and your electric bill at the same time!

Lutron Homeworks is a whole home lighting management system.  Able to integrate with all A/V systems, theater control, pool equipment and thermostats.  With the total control of your lighting, you won't have to worry about what systems are on or not when you aren't home.  This computer based system will handle all of your personal preferences, no matter what you require.  Let us put a system in your home and if you like, there is a Lutron App. for your iPhone or PDA.

If management of your lighting isn't enough, we can add in motorized shades and drapes too!
Driveway to the above residence.  Note the fountain lighting!
This is a recent project built in Ventura County.  This residence uses a Homeworks system to manage all of the interior, theater and landscape lighting.  We have also installed motorized shades throughout.  On top of all that, there is a back up generator on site which works in conjunction with the Lutron system.  This allows for the maximum amount of light to be used during emergency situations.

Contact Pete to set up a consultation.
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